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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Little Fat Duck
NEW TREND: Little Fat Duck, Spagme, La Famiglia & Oishi Bento Food Trucks in Kuala Lumpur.

New food trucks have roared into KL & Selangor in recent weeks, revving up a key trend for the F&B entrepreneurial boom. Expect to see more mobile vendors-on-wheels pop up in the months ahead, but for now, this is the Klang Valley's essential guide to getting Italian & Japanese street eats at cheaper-than-restaurant prices.

Little Fat Duck, which surfaces on most nights at Subang's SS15, bears the most intriguing name of these trucks _ it could be an allusion to its founders' culinary ambitions, since the truck serves no duck. The men here nonetheless supply a makeshift eating space by the street for patrons _ helpful, since the wait for Little Fat Duck's food can exceed 15 minutes at peak hours.
Little Fat Duck is scarcely two weeks old, but it's already amassing a significant fan base for its pastas; choose from bolognese, carbonara or aglio alio _ with chicken or beef _ or pesto with fish, each for RM5. One serving probably suffices for a light dinner, though some customers might require two or three.

It's frills-free food, capably executed under the limitations of budget & circumstances, but rudimentary in preparation & flavour. The word 'Gourmet' emblazoned on the truck is a shrewd tagline, but it might not necessarily fit. Note that the truck can be swamped sometimes, so customers who take away their orders should check to confirm everything's in the bag; we ended up missing the pesto fish pasta that we had paid for, but that was equally our fault, since we could see that the men in the truck were struggling to keep track of multiple orders.

We like Spagme's prices; there's more meat than expected in their substantial servings, surely enough for a heavy lunch. Not the healthiest meal around, but hungry patrons shouldn't mind much. Spagme often teams up with a pink-coloured juice truck named OMFJ Oh My Fruit Juice, so you might see them side-by-side at their locations.

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Written by Food Stylist Malaysian Admin