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Sunday, 12 October 2014

1.Garnishing – Garnish has to be something you eat and not there just to decorate.
2.Positioning – There is talk of a virtual clock where meat is at 2 o’clock, starch at 10 and veggies at 6.
3.Less is more is one of the rules. A big plate with a relatively small portion puts the food more in focus.
4. Plates – White or off-white plates make the food stand out more too.
5.Color – There has to be a certain color match. Further Reading: Color in Food Photography
6. Focus – The main part of the dish, usually the meat should be put most in focus for example a little elevated.
7. Plating - Food has to be simply plated so the person eating should be able to eat without having to go through an intricate design to be able to eat.
8.Setting the Stage – The dish has a face and the part in focus (usually the prettiest) should be towards the person eating, I think we can safely say the "eater" in this case is the camera. Read More on Setting the Stage.
0.Sketch It – It seems it also helps to sketch your plating before actually put it on the plate. I never tried this but I tend to visualize mentally before plating.
Written by Food Stylist Malaysian Admin